Thursday, February 24, 2011

Under Construction

This blog is currently under construction. Check back in late March/early April 2011 for the unveiling of The Unpopular Opinion! Until then, here's a NSFAQ (Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions) to keep you occupied:

What is The Unpopular Opinion?
The Unpopular Opinion (or UnpopOp) is a weekly humor review blog/vlog hosted by Eric Image (yours truly) designed to showcase a differing view of famous and infamous movies, although I may branch out into other media such as video games, TV, and the like later on. The UnpopOp is composed of two main shows:

The Sacred Cow Roast: This is where I take some of the most beloved, talked about, and critically acclaimed movies of all time (although generally from the 80's and beyond because, well, it's what I know and they're just more fun) and attempt to take them down a notch. I show you why they're not all they're cracked up to be, and why they might have a little bit more hype than substance.

The Devil's Advocate: Where I take a look at what many consider to be "bad" movies, and shine a spotlight on the parts that make them not only worth watching, but enjoyable. Maybe there's a hidden charm behind them, maybe they're just loads of fun to watch with friends and make fun of. But somewhere, deep down inside the bowels of cinematic disasters, there's usually something worth seeing. 

What movies will you be reviewing?
I have quite a few in mind to start off with, but I don't want to give too much away. I will say that the first two months of programming will be devoted to a series of Devil's Advocates focusing on the Star Wars Prequels, followed by a series of Sacred Cow Roasts focusing on the Original Trilogy. After that... well, you'll have to tune in to and see for yourself. 


Seriously, though, I thought these movies would be a good way to set the tone for the show. No series in the history of fandom has been so polarizing. A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi are almost universally loved and cherished, while The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith are almost universally hated and despised. Mostly for Jar-Jar, but there are other reasons. But the truth is that, while the Original Trilogy changed the way the world looked at movies and created an empire (heh heh), when you really take a look at it there are a lot of reasons these movies could use a little scrutiny. And as for the Prequels... well, there's honestly a lot to like. But I'll save all that for the reviews. 

So this show is basically just flame-bait, isn't it?
Eh, yes and no. It's true that, on the internet, one of the easiest ways to gain popularity is through controversy. And if there's one thing the internet does well, it's porn. But if there's another thing the internet does well, it's hate. So I'd be lying if I didn't say I was kind of looking forward to masses of bile spewing, poorly spelled, anger-fueled comments that border on hate crimes.

But to be honest, a lot of these will be my real opinions. Sure, a lot of these reviews will be filled with satire and somewhat less-than-honest opinions in the name of humor, but especially for The Devil's Advocate, a lot of it is just me finding something fun in even the worst films. And maybe, just maybe, I might be able to convince a few people to lighten up and take "bad" movies for what they're worth: good movies with a lot of camouflage. If I can get one person to look back and think "Okay, maybe The Matrix: Revolutions wasn't all THAT bad", I've done my job.

Seriously, though, take most of these reviews with a grain of salt. I'm not trying to say my opinion is better than yours, and I'm not trying to say you're stupid for liking/disliking these movies (reviews including phrases like "You're stupid for liking/disliking these movies" notwithstanding). I'm just trying to put these films under a microscope and have a little fun with it. 

Will these reviews be NSFW?
Okay, seriously, why are you watching an internet review show at work? Go be productive!

However, yes, these reviews will probably contain a fair share of swearing and "off-color" humor. I try not to rely too heavily on colorful metaphors, but they'll definitely be there. No nudity, and only about as much violence as the movies themselves contain. 

Can I suggest movies to review?
Absolutely. Just leave a note in the comments section, or drop me a line through the E-Mail link in my profile or on the sidebar, and let me know what you want to see. Who knows, maybe your suggestion will... 

Please don't interrupt me. And that's not a question.

As for movies like these... well, that's kind of a rough area. I most likely won't be reviewing them, for multiple reasons. This is, after all, the Unpopular Opinion, so let's face facts: The only thing more popular than Avatar and Twilight are hating Avatar and Twilight. So whether it's a Devil's Advocate or a Sacred Cow Roast, it's kind of hard to weigh in on the "unpopular" side of the argument. For The Room... well, the general consensus is "It's so bad. You HAVE to watch it!", and that's pretty much the purpose of my reviews anyway. It's been done.

And that's the bottom line with all three of these films (along with many others). It's been done. It's pretty much impossible to say anything that hasn't been said a million or more times before. There's honestly not much new material there, so I'd just be parroting the entire internet if I were to review them. So yeah, they're most likely not going to appear on the show unless I come up with something exceptionally creative or entertaining to say about them. 

Anything else?
Uhhh... well, there's... yeah, I got nothing.

So that's all for now! Stay tuned next month for the debut of The Unpopular Opinion!

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